REMS Akku-Press Tool

$2,051.50$4,235.00 Incl. GST

The REMS Akku-Press tool has the same interface as the majority of 32kN tools on the Australian market.  Please check with your system provider on what tools and jaws are approved for use before purchasing.

We have jaws and slings suitable for:

  • Copper: 15mm to 100mm
  • Pex: 15mm to 63mm
  • Stainless Steel: 15mm to 54mm

With the power of the REMS Akku-Press ACC Basic Pack on your side, you’ll be able to make short work when it comes to producing pipe pressing joints for all common pressfitting systems. Able to secure crimping on pipe in just seconds, this press tool is engineered for lightweight handling with a front housing made of powder coated alloy and a plastic, easy-to-grasp handle. It can be used anywhere, even in narrow, cramped spaces thanks to its compact and slender form.

This press tool uses the strength of durable and reliable hardened steel pressing tongs to get the job done right. Able to grab hold of the pipe tightly in a non-slip grip, the tool also features automatic retraction after the completion of the pressing operation.

The Akku-Press features an enormous 32kN thrust force and pressing force for fast and perfect press jointing using a powerful electro-hydraulic drive with a battery motor of 14.4V, 380 W. The system is powered by a highly resistant Li-Ion 14.4V Battery with 3.0 Ah capacity. With a single battery charge, the Akku-Press is able to perform 270 pressings Copper Press DN 15, allowing you to get plenty of work done in a single sitting.

If you want something that is not listed, please email us and we’ll be able to help you out further.

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