REMS Li-ion Battery 22V – 2.5Ah – Suit 22V Mini & Axial Press – RM571571

$374.00 Incl. GST

For a stronger, longer lasting, more durable, and more powerful battery to power your REMS products, you’ll want the highly resistant REMS Li-Ion 21.6V Battery with 2.5 Ah capacity. This is one of the more powerful batteries we have to offer as it is able to product 50% more pressings compared to the 14.4V batteries. After a single charging, this battery can power the Mini-Press 22V ACC for about 390 pressings, the Mini-Press S 22V ACC for about 390 pressings, and the Akku-Press 22V ACC for about 200 pressings of DN 15 Copper Press. Along with that, it can power the Ax-Press 25 22V for about 500 pressings of 16mm of Pex all in a single charge. The Li-Ion 21.6V, 2.5 Ah Battery features an operating temperature range of -10° to +60° C and has no memory effect for maximum battery power.

1 Year Warranty – Conditions Apply

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