Novopress ACO203

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We stock jaws and slings suitable for:

The Novopress ACO203 has the same interface as the majority of 32kN tools on the Australian market.  Please check with your system provider on what tools and jaws are approved for use before purchasing.

The new model of the ACO203 pressing tool makes everything possible. Compared with previous models, the new ACO203 has lost weight and can now fit into more tight situations.

If you’re working in difficult lighting conditions, this is where the ACO203 shines, thanks to the illumination of the press area, one of the new comfort-features.

The need for maintenance for the ACO203 has significantly reduced due to the new motor technology and up to 40 % more pressing cycles can be done per battery charge when compared to previous models.

We strongly recommend that every Novopress tool is serviced at least once in it’s first 2 years, and then once every subsequent year.

The ACO203 easily connects to the NovoCheck App. This will allow you check the status of the tool and log all your crimps. If you want more information, please check out the following link – NovoCheck app.

Novopress tools also uses Milwaukee batteries.

If you want something that is not listed, please email us at and we’ll be able to help you out further.

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Additional information

Dimensions metal pipe

15-100mm Copper
15- 54mm Stainless Steel

Dimensions plastic pipe

up to 110 mm

Piston force

32 kN

Piston stroke

40 mm


2,3 kg


387 mm


75 mm


111 mm

Power consumption

450 W


18V Li-Ion M18 Milwaukee battery system

Battery capacity

80 / 160 pressing cycles

Charging time

approx. 30 min. / 60 min