Novopress AXI102 – Electronic Expander

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The expander tool AXI102 is also equipped with the well-known features like the rubberized housing, which makes the handling more comfortable. With this tool the user is able to expand plastic pipes (PE-x and Multilayer) up to dimension 40 mm in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to the low weight, small size and the head which is designed at a 90-degree-angle the handling could be improved, especially for working in narrow installation situations.

Furthermore, the powerful battery system makes twice as many expansion cycles possible compared to its predecessor AXI101. Another benefit is the LED signal which is located under the start button. It provides information about the battery charge and if the pressing was fully completed. In addition, the expander AXI102 is now equipped with a maintenance counter which automatically reminds the user of regular maintenance.


  • Powerful Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Safe handling with slipproof rubberized housing
  • Low weight – perfect for one hand operation
  • Small size – practical for narrow installation spaces

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Additional information


up to 40 mm (system related)

Piston force

system related

Piston stroke

system related


1,8 kg


320 mm


69 mm


119 mm

Power consumption

240 W


M12™ Milwaukee® battery system (All Milwaukee® capacities in the market can be used)

Battery capacity (Depending on dimension, material and battery capacity)

up to 180 Expanding cycles

Charging time (Depending on battery capacity)

approx. 45- 75 Min