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Benton’s welcomes you to the new Industrial Website.

Welcome to the brand new Benton’s Industrial website. This site shows off all of the premium industrial products Benton’s can provide, in partnership with Blucher Australia.

Click on the products page to view the current range offered by Benton’s Industrial. You can add products to your cart and send it off for a quote.


Bentons Plumbing Supplies is now the exclusive Victorian distributor and stockist of the BLÜCHER™ range of stainless steel drainage products.

Blucher’s product range comprises more than 2,500 products, including standard and customised floor drains, drainage pipes and drainage channels, all in stainless steel to ensure high quality, excellent flow capacity and optimum hygiene combined with a minimum of maintenance. The products are developed in a modular system by which sub-components can be combined to create complete products. BLÜCHER also offers customised solutions in which the flexibility and craftsmanship in the production process play a key role.

Welcome to Benton’s Industrial, take a look around!

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