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In an emergency situation, every second counts when it comes to
minimising the impact of workplace injuries.
Delivering tepid water to emergency showers and eye washes in cold
climate regions presents its own unique challenges. The ETW2500 tepid
water system is designed to supply flushing fluid within recommended
temperature guidelines of 15.6 to 37.8 °C (as per AS4775).
The system design integrates the Aquablend 2500 Thermostatic Mixing
Valve to mix the hot and cold water which is then fed back into the inlet
feed to the emergency shower and eye wash.

Key Features

  • System includes Aquablend 2500 TMV (ATM725 – WaterMarked to AS4032.1)
  • Fully assembled with stainless steel (304 grade) bracket
  • Temperature gauge on outlet to show supply temperature to the shower or eye wash
  • PRV and Pressure gauge on cold inlet
  • Cold water bypass in the event of hot water supply failure
  • System shut down in the event of cold water supply failure

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Additional information

Mixed Outlet Temperature Range

22 – 37 °C

Cold Inlet Size

DN 25

Hot Inlet Size

DN 20

Mixed Outlet Size

DN 25

Dynamic Inlet Pressure Range for pressure compliance to AS4775 (to maintain a minimum of 210 kpa at the fixture)

425 kpa – 600 kpa

Dynamic Inlet Pressure Range for fl ow compliance to AS4775 (to maintain a minimum of 75.6 lpm at the fixture)

300 kpa – 600 kpa

Maximum Static Inlet Pressure

1000 kpa

Maximum Flow Rate

116 lpm @ 250 kpa pressure loss

Bypass Flow Rate (In case of hot water supply failure)

88 lpm @ 600 kpa

Hot inlet temperature range

55 – 80 °C

Cold inlet temperature range

5 – 25 °C

Hot to Cold Supply Ratio